Wage labor is the center of life of almost all people. It defines everyday life in all respects, often more than forty years of a life. ‚Work‘ has changed dramatically in recent centuries and is undergoing an epochal upheaval since the industrialisation as a result of the digitization. Of particular importance in this context is the so-called ‚work 4.0‘, which is used to describe these transformation processes of labour. They can be rewritten along three key figures: People, Place, Technology. The advancing flexibilisation of working conditions and working places are just some of the keywords that serve to increase the efficiency of companies and thus take account of the compulsion of growth which are inherent in the system of capitalist economy.
The photographic essay takes a critical look at the current transformation of ‚work‘ in German service and IT companies, where 70 percent of the working population work and draws attention to alienation of so-called 'human ressources'.